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Tiny Wolf Brewing

Oregon Brewery and Tasting Room

Brewery and TAsting Room

Inspired by farmhouse ales originating in Belgium and France, Tiny Wolf Brewing uses northwest ingredients, a discerning palette and time to create its barrel aged beers. 

Visit the tasting room and discover them for yourself.

Peek in on the working brewery from the tasting room through glass doors. Sit cozily among barrels, at the bar or at a handmade table made from a rescued old growth fir beam. 

Relax with a beverage and enjoy playing some old school video games on a one-of-a-kind video game arcade! 

The tasting room is located at  18435 SW Pacific Highway Ste. C 

(in an unassuming building).

Parking is available in front of and on the street behind the building. 

Light snacks are available, but feel free to order in. 

Minors are allowed accompanied by an adult.

Hours are:

Friday 4:00-8:00 PM

Saturday- Sunday 2:00-7:00 PM

Barrel Stack

Meet the tiny Wolf

The Story of Kitsune

A sweet, but shy Shiba Inu, Kitsune belongs to
Tiny Wolf's brewmaster and owner, David Bogle.  A beloved family pet, "the Tiny Wolf" became a term of endearment for Kitsune when he was still a puppy and playfully chased anything that moved in the far reaches of the back yard.

Coincidentally, a main ingredient in beer are hops known by their Latin name Humulus lupulus, the translation of which means "Wolf among Weeds", 

(Hops are vigorous vines typically growing up to 30 feet long and out-competing anything in their way. )

In brainstorming for some time to name the brewery, it seemed a natural fit to combine two of the brewmaster's favorite things, the "Tiny Wolf" and the "Wolf among Weeds".


And so,  Tiny Wolf Brewing came to be.


Here are some of the beers we have brewed in the past

Blueberry Lemondrop

This Berliner Weisse style kettle sour beer was created with the use of lemon juice, lemon peel, and Lemondrop hops before being fermented on fresh blueberries. A little bit sour and with notes of lemonade and berries. 

Cherry Kriek

Barrel-age lambic inspired with Bing cherries from Hood River.

Hints of cherry accompanied with notes of almond and oak. Ruby in color, and easy drinking this beer is wonderful in all weather.

Gallant Fox

Our First all Oregon ingredient beer! A lambic inspired beer made with the finest Mecca Grade malts and locally grown Triple Crown blackberries. Funky, sour, fruity.

Raised by Wolves

Blend of a Dry Stout and a Chocolate Porter, aged 9 months in a whiskey barrel with vanilla beans. Notes of chocolate, bourbon, toasted coconut, cherry, graham cracker, and oak. 

Tayberry Sour

Our base beer aged in wine barrels with mixed cultures and Tayberries. Tayberries are a Red Raspberry/Blackberry hybrid that are large, sweet and aromatic! This beer pours lightly carbonated with a brilliant scarlet tone. Tart and fruity. 


 Tayberry Sour

Our Process

From the brew master

From the beginning, I loved sour beers. I was fascinated by the differing flavor profiles that could be achieved by yeast, oak barrels and time.

As I started working on creating sour beers of my own, it was important to use the flavors of my home state. So I utilize Oregon malts, yeast, wine barrels and fruit when creating my beers.

I use the Belgium lambic style as a template but experiment a bit with this great, rustic beer style. I have used local peaches, blackberries, blueberries, cherries and tayberries and plan to continue to explore the bounty of Oregon.

There is a saying which translates to "time does not respect that which is done without it" And that nicely sums up the process at Tiny Wolf. We start with a basic lambic style beer and ferment it in wine barrel from a local vineyard. After about six months, we will taste it and determine the next step. It can suggest a particular fruit or amount of time needed for aging. It's more art than science but you need both to make delicious sour ales.

I make beer one wine barrel at a time. I rarely will make the same exact beer twice. I enjoy the creative aspect of fine tuning or making a recipe. Hopefully you'll come back often to see what is new on tap.






18435 SW Pacific Hwy Suite C

Tualatin, OR 97062


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